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Times of Dylan


Times of Dylan


This is a conceptual piece which aims to show the reverence of Bob Dylan’s work by drawing the viewer back into the moment in time the music was created. The goal is to show both the timeliness and timelessness of his songs.

A long hallway set up with Dylan Lyrics on one side and images/movies from that moment in time on the other wall. As you walk down this long hallway you are physically walking through the timeline. Unidirectional speakers will play the current album.

In order to draw out the almost visual nature of Dylan’s lyrics and to give some visual focus points adjective – noun combinations are highlighted and enlarged in the text on the wall.

What We Did:


  • Using python to scrub 400 songs kept locking up my IP address. I tried to add a pause between each quarry but I would still get locked out after about 50 songs and needed to find another IP address. VPNs worked to different degrees of success.
  • Dealing with the scale of a large wall while working with small elements (the words).
  • Processing had memory issues and creating large format canvases.
  • Creating a small representation of a large and detailed that holds true to both scales is challenging.


Peer 2 Peer & midterm proposition

This week, I’ve been struggling with peer to peer connection. After many hours and Abhisheck’s help, I managed to create a chat, that can connect many users.

To call a person, the user must know their ID and use it to connect.

In the meantime, I started thinking of my midterm project.

I decided to work on my last week’s project. I want to create fully working video chat, where the user has the ability to add some filters to the videos and snap it. I was also thinking about creating an online webcam gif application.

I will try to work on that idea as well.

Here’s a LINK to my last week’s project

screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-11-23-09-pm screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-11-23-19-pm screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-11-23-29-pm screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-11-23-39-pm screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-11-23-48-pm screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-11-24-12-pm


Shameless self promotion – Twitter Bot

For this week’s assignment, we were supposed to make our own twitter bot.

I’m obsessed with photography.  In my free time I love to travel and take pictures. Beside my portfolio : PHOTOGRAPHY PORTFOLIO, fb page: FB Page I also have a FLICKR ACCOUNT:


I decided to create a twitter bot, that will upload my most recent photo, link to my page and display some hashtags.

I must say, it wasn’t an easy task, since twitter doesn’t create thumbnails, also doesn’t allow the user to upload pictures directly from url.

To be able to post a picture, along with some text, I had to download it to my computer and send it again to twitter.

I had a lot of problems with that, but finally, after an office hour and 123456765432 hours of my own struggling, I managed to figure out the way.

Here’s how it looks like:


And here…  is my favorite bug that I had:



Collaborative Drawing



In this week, I was working on creating a collaborative chat.

I had some problems with separating mouse coordinates for each user. After solving this problem, I decided to move my canvas, what obviously caused another problem – the drawing was being created far from the mouse. I have a feeling that I solved it, but any small change in the code might mess it up again, so I rather won’t brag about it.

I keep trying to figure how to draw continuous line when pressing the mouse, but the fact that I have to send and display the drawing from the server makes it a very hard task to complete.

So far I managed to draw straight lines between each ‘click’ of the mouse.

I also added ‘login’ panel & clear button. Still fighting with continuous drawing.

screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-12-00-37-am screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-12-02-21-am screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-12-00-37-am