Programming from A to Z

Shameless self promotion – Twitter Bot

For this week’s assignment, we were supposed to make our own twitter bot.

I’m obsessed with photography.  In my free time I love to travel and take pictures. Beside my portfolio : PHOTOGRAPHY PORTFOLIO, fb page: FB Page I also have a FLICKR ACCOUNT:


I decided to create a twitter bot, that will upload my most recent photo, link to my page and display some hashtags.

I must say, it wasn’t an easy task, since twitter doesn’t create thumbnails, also doesn’t allow the user to upload pictures directly from url.

To be able to post a picture, along with some text, I had to download it to my computer and send it again to twitter.

I had a lot of problems with that, but finally, after an office hour and 123456765432 hours of my own struggling, I managed to figure out the way.

Here’s how it looks like:


And here…  is my favorite bug that I had:



Synonyms & Uppercase


For our firs assignment,  we were supposed to

“Find a source text and manually perform one of the mashup techniques .Create a webpage with the results using some combination of HTML, CSS, and/or JavaScript. Host the page on github pages (or your own server). There is no need for programming for this assignment, it’s just about getting set up in an environment and starting to think about creative ways to play with text. However, you may choose to include animated or interactive elements if you like. Think about creative ways for the page to be “self-documenting”, i.e. instructions for the text mashup, references, etc.”

Since my JavaScript and jQuery skills are rather poor, for my assignment I decided to create two projects, practicing simple commands and events.

I called the 1st project  ‘The synonyms’. It is supposed to turn each word of a given text into its synonyms.

I must say I had many problems with that, since I’m not familiar with using API. Also, I had problem with an array of words, which for some reason reversed their order. Finally, I managed to get something satisfying and get it working.

Here’s the LINK

The second project is a simple ‘Turn your text to Uppercase’ converter.

Here’s the 2nd LINK