Sharp & Wet

Our 3rd week assignment says:

Write a sketch that generates 2 shapes on a page. The first shape should be your design of the word “wet”. The second shape should be your design of the word “sharp”. Use only black and white. You have to use either Rune.Polygon or Rune.Path objects to draw the two shapes, and please try to do a design that is better done in code than in hand. Print at AMS.

Inspired by my passion to sailing, I decided to depict wet drawing ocean waves, using simple ellipse shapes.

After this step, the idea of sharp fishing hook came up quite naturally.

I had a lot of fun creating waves, changing their sizes, stroke weights or locations.

Here’s the final result:

waves_black waves_white

Next step was to print it out in AMS.


I liked the result and am really excited about upcoming prints!